High School Spanish III (Grades 9-12)


Students deepen their understanding of Spanish by focusing on the three modes of communication, interpretive, interpersonal and presentational, in this course conducted almost entirely in Spanish. Each unit consists of a variety of activities, which teach students how to understand more difficult written and spoken passages, to communicate with others through informal speaking and writing interactions and to express their thoughts and opinions in more formal spoken and written contexts. Students should expect to be actively engaged in their own language learning, use correct vocabulary terms and phrases naturally, incorporate a wide range of grammar concepts consistently and correctly while speaking and writing, participate in conversations covering a wide range of topics and respond appropriately to conversational prompts, analyze and compare cultural practices and perspectives of various Spanish-speaking countries, read and analyze important pieces of Hispanic literature and take assessments to monitor language progression.

Prerequisite: Spanish II or equivalent

Middlebury Interactive courses are not credit-bearing.

Our online language courses have many task-based activities that give students instant feedback. However, the writing and speaking assignments in the courses are not automatically graded. If you would like all activities within the course to be graded, we would advise you to purchase the course with teacher support included. 

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