Elementary Chinese 1 (Grades 3-5)


This introductory Chinese course provides a fun and interactive introduction to the Chinese language. The content for each unit is based on an authentic story, myth or legend from Chinese culture. Although the course focuses on vocabulary acquisition, basic grammar principles are intuitively grasped through stories, games, activities and assessments. In addition, students learn to perform simple tasks in connection with each unit's theme. Students will become comfortable with the sounds and rhythms of Chinese; learn simple Chinese characters; and begin to read, write, speak and listen for meaning in Chinese; while learning more about Chinese culture.

Prerequisite: None

Middlebury Interactive courses are not credit-bearing.

Our online language courses have many task-based activities that give students instant feedback. However, the writing and speaking assignments in the courses are not automatically graded. If you would like all activities within the course to be graded, we would advise you to purchase the course with teacher support included. 

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